Psalm 119


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This longest chapter in the Bible is a great celebration. it is the Psalm that shows us the correct heart attitude we are to have toward the Word of God.

In this study, Jeff Adams will challenge you to be a warrior for God. You will have your heart opened and exposed for what it is.

The author challenges us with a picture of God standing ready to do open-heart surgery. he wants to give you a heart that is strong and ready to do battle for Him.

As a New Testament believer, you are in a position of power, because you are in Christ. Your heart, surrendered to God, will put you in a position to be anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells you.

The goal of this study is not to increase your knowledge. The goal is to help you develop a right heart attitude before God -- to be honest with Him and His Word. you will learn:

  • to praise Him
  • to love Him
  • to spend time with Him

Jeff Adams says that only occasionally today does a person appear who stands out from the crowd, because of the brightness of his countenance. He is the one who has a heart for the World. Psalm 119 is the key to developing a heart for God and His Word.

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