Job: Adventures in the Land of Uz


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This is the second volume in the Reality Living Commentary Series. It is called a commentary because it contains fallible comments on infallible truth. It is advice on how to apply and live the words of God’s Book from a man who has spent over a quarter of a century on God’s front lines.

The motivation for writing this series comes from a burden for many of God’s people who sincerely desire to understand the Bible. Sometimes they have been discouraged in that pursuit by those who use the Bible, talk about the Bible, or teach from the Bible, without simply explaining the Bible.

These comments come from a pastor’s heart. The author has taught the Bible verse-by-verse in many cultural situations with the belief that the common man or woman can understand the Bible for themselves. They can thereby live the Bible in their circumstances and they can minister the word of God to others.

This volume is not written from the theological greenhouse of scholarship, nor is it so superficial that you will find within its contents only a collection of devotional thoughts. This book will satisfy the hunger of anyone who wants to understand how the Bible is to be the foundation of our lives.

Job is a foundational book of the Bible. It is necessary to any comprehensive understanding of God’s Word. The study of this book will also answer some very practical questions about life and its adversities. Come along on this incredible journey to the land of Uz.

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